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If you have engines that meet current emissions requirements then it just makes sense to keep those engines in service for as long as possible. A complete engine overhaul by Central California Power can give existing engines like-new performance for as little as half the cost of a new engine; An overhaul can be completed in as little as one week. Central California Power provides expert service on any industrial transmission. We have an inventory of rebuilt/exchange Allison tranmissions in stock. Every engine and transmission rebuild is thoroughly dyno tested under load to insure reliable performance.


Rebuilt Engines

New Engines

At some point a replacement engine will be neede, it's just a fact of life. When that time comes there is no reason to hold up production or take your equipment out of service any longer than necessary. CCP is the West Coast Master Perkins Dealer and has a wide selection of California compliant Perkins engines in stock and ready to install - today if necessary!