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Go Green Emissions California

Emissions Compliance

CCP is actively involved in a program with the California Air Districts to reduce emission pollution from older Off-Road Equipment, Heavy Duty Equipment, and Farm & Ag Equipment. There are millions of dollars available throughout the state air districts, and more is expected annually through the year 2020. This program has been around since 1998; over 630 engines have been cleaned up by CCP. There are different programs which vary in incentive amounts and applicant costs.

To be considered as a candidate, you can submit your serial numbers, year, make and model as well as the annual operational hours for your equipment with engines ranging from 100hp to 950hp. Engines running more than 1500 hours a year and older diesel engines, preferably before 1998 are the best candidates. There is priority to the most polluting engines, but don't hesitate to apply. Please contact Monica in our emissions department for more information.

Engine Information Sheet


Emissions Consulting

CCP is the leader in repowers, diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic converters. We have a team of Air Quality Management District (AQMD) administration and compliance specialists with experience in CARB, EPA and DOORS reporting. Our team can assist with documentation, program reporting and applications. CCP is actively involved with various government grant programs through the State of California Air Districts.


CCP can assist you in understanding which regulations apply to your equipment, develop a compliance plan and completing the necessary reporting forms to meet AQMD requirements. We will apply for available funding for self-propelled and tow behind agriculture equipment such as harvesters, sprayers, bailers and Tier I & II water pumping equipment and tractors. Grant programs can pay up to 85% of the complete repower costs.


CCP has successfully completed hundreds of Tier II, III & IV engine repowers since 2004.